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Who we are

About Pastor Carlos

About our ministry

Calvary Youth Ministry


Calvary Youth Ministry is pleased to bring young people to Jesus, giving instructions in the word of God with topics relevant to their interests and concerns of their age. We developed a discipleship plan to keep them interested in God's purpose for everyone and give them instructions so that they can attract another youth evangelism camp, at the teacher's feet, being an example in their walk with the Lord.

  • Youth Nights

    Every Wednesday Night at 7:30PM

    2230 Hariet Street, Port Charlotte, FL.33952

    We have committed to having youth in defferent locations each Wednesday night, we are meeting in areas to reach other youths. Contact us for our schedule.

  • Spiritual Counseling

    No one should have to figure life on their own.

    Pastor Carlos is available for counseling, he believes in getting the core of the problem with guidance from the Holy Spirit for deliverance, growth, and spiritual maturity. Please contact Pastor Carlos for an appointment. This service is free to all. .

  • Community

    Bonding / Empowering / Helping

    We are committed to being a helping hand within our community and beyond. We have monthly evangelical student street outreach. We are available to help the elderly, hospital, children activities with and general assistance to those who can’t accomplish certain task around their homes. We like to call this our Secret Service team.



This is us


We are a happy group that loves to stick together. We love to learn from each other and whatever draws us closer to Jesus. We all love to serve, especially all those in need. We love to love others, our hope and prayer is to reach as many youths in our area as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Contact US

2230 Hariet Street
Port Charlotte, FL. 33952